Got a faulty product? You need a replacement and you are not able to get one? We are here to help you.


In simple words, a faulty product is one which does not meet the regulatory standards and it is in full or part not in working condition when you received it.

How can Consumer VOICE help in getting the product exchanged or getting a refund? For full information check out more hearts.

  1. Enter your necessary details like name and age in the form below.
  2. Click the checkbox and register yourself with Consumer VOICE by paying INR 499 for basic legal advice and guidance.
  3. Specify the type of complaint like faulty goods and the details in the form.
  4. Consumer VOICE will follow up with the concerned company and keep the customer updated via Email & Phone.
  1. We will send the company a notice which will specify the problems and the harassment the consumer has to face and a solution that he or she is looking for. We charge a very nominal amount as compared to the lawyers practicing in Consumer Law.
  1. At this stage, usually the company will contact us and offer relief, or some kind of incentives which we can think of considering.
  2. Our last option would be to approach the consumer forum if we do not receive any reply from the company.

We will file the case on your behalf  by charging a nominal amount. Typically it will take about 6-18 months to resolve a complaint through the District Forum. If the stakes are high, either side may appeal to the State Forum and the matter may take longer.

Know your rights, Join Consumer Voice Legal to fight with confidence!