Air Purifier 2020


With the rising air pollution in Delhi and other cities as well, air purifier has become a necessity. A new global study revealed that air pollution killed about 116,000 infants in India in 2019 within the first month of being born.  In India, long-term exposure to outdoor and household air pollution contributed to over 1.67 million annual deaths, across all age groups, from stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer, and chronic lung diseases. Along with the usual sections of the guide, this latest air purifier buying guide has the updated list of Air Purifiers with the latest price, model and power consumption based on November 2020 survey.


  • Why do we need an air purifier?
  • Different Types of Air Purifier
  • How to choose the right size of air purifier for your home?
  • Features of Air Purifiers
  • Comparative Glance of Air Purifiers (November 2020)