December 2023


Food and Stuff 

Food Contact Materials and Your Health: The FSSAI warns against using newspapers for food-related purposes due to health hazards from ink containing bioactive materials, lead, and heavy metals. The article explores various daily food contact materials and offers health protection tips.

Banking and Finance

Choose the Best Mutual Fund for Investment: With a vast array of mutual funds available in the market, selecting the best one can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal mutual fund for your investment needs in India.

How to Pick the Right Credit Card: Navigating the plethora of credit cards in India can be daunting. This article helps you select the best one by considering your needs, providing insights on their utility, flexibility, and perks.


Bombay High Court Strikes down Rule 6(1) of 2020 Consumer Protection Act, 2019: Read on to know more in detail.

Alert Consumers: Legal Queries and Responses: Our legal expert answers your legal queries and provides informed responses.

Health & Awareness

World Diabetes Day 14th Nov, 2023 – Access to Diabetes Care: India faces a triple burden of diseases, with increasing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), notably diabetes and hypertension, posing a public health challenge. Affordable nationwide access to diabetes care is crucial. Keep reading for an in-depth understanding.


Revitalizing Millet Consumption: Shifting away from dependence on the ‘Big Food’ industry to boost millet production and consumption, policies should emphasize integrating millets into government food schemes. Continue reading to gain a comprehensive insight.


Understanding the core of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia: Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder impacting memory and cognitive function, is the leading cause of dementia. Ongoing research seeks to unravel its intricate pathology and devise effective treatments. Explore further for detailed insights.