May 2022


Comparative Testing

Diabetes Care Food: Go through the report to find out the best diabetes care food for your
better health.

Product Review

Frost-Free Refrigerators:  Direct-cool refrigerator or a frost-free one? Are you confused? Don’t
be. Clear your confusion and read our report that shares why frost-free refrigerators are the
best choice.
Food and Stuff: Stay Healthy this Summer: Summer calls for a diet which helps us to cool down our body
temperatures. Read this article to know more about keeping yourself healthy this summer

Guest Column

Eat Smart Cities Challenge: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in
association with the Smart Cities Mission under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban
Affairs (MoHUA) recently announced the winners of the EatSmart Cities Challenge. Read what
the CEO of FSSAI talks about it here.

Banking and Finance

Safe Online Financial Transactions:  With the increase in digital transactions, the incidents of
financial fraud have also increased. Let’s discuss some tips for safe financial transactions here.

Mutual Funds Investing: Mutual funds sounds hard, doesn’t it? But it is not. Let’s discuss some
misconceptions about investing in mutual funds, which we will try to clear in this article.


Telecom Disputes back to Consumer Commissions: This judgment is not the result of
incorporating the word telecom in the Consumer Protection Act 2019. It is in fact a revisit by the
apex court three judges bench on the merit of the case as it stands under the earlier Consumer
Protection Act 1986. Read on to know more about the case here.

Challenges faced by Legal Professions: Trust and confidence are two very important factors
for a good relationship between a client and lawyer. Let’s discuss some challenges which are
faced by legal professions.