August 2021


Comparative Testing

Table Butter– Like any other product, buying a pack of table butter too needs your attention and understanding. Let us know what’s there and what’s not in a table butter as we tested eight leading brands in this report.

Product Review

Ultra High-Definition TVs: Go through the list of brands we’ve evaluated to help consumers in buying the best brand.

Food and Stuff

How much is too much salt? Consuming a high level of salt in our food is harmful-we all understand this. But does it make us iodine-deficient also? Here’s a read that answers all such questions.

Banking and Finance

Equity Linked Saving Scheme– Saving policies are always useful when done in a correct manner. And there are some policies that give you tax exemption too. This saving scheme is for those who want to get a hold of such a scheme.

Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)- It is a process developed by India’s Stock Market Regulator SEBI. A careful read is useful for those interested to subscribe an IPO issue.

Legal Matters

Delay is flat possession leads to this- The National Commission has said that in case of delay in flat possession, the builder’s sale agreement may get canceled and there are other penalties for such developers too.

Guest Post

Tips of buying gold online-This article will give you some clever tips on how you can secure your gold shopping, online.