December 2021


Rice Bran Oil

Check the report that tells you which brand of rice brand oil contains maximum health benefits for you.

Product Review

Smartphones:  Is your phone’s response times is longer than usual? Is it getting frequent crashes? If yes, then you probably need to read our report that shares the tricks of singling out the best smartphone.

Food and Stuff

Aflatoxin: Milk is a staple commodity for all sections of society in India, and detection of Aflatoxin M1 in milk is a grave concern. Know what is Aflatoxin and why is it dangerous.

Food for Thought

A2 Milk: You might have heard about A2 milk and the claims that it is better than the regular milk (A1 milk) commonly available in the market. However, do you know what’s the truth behind this claim? Read it here.

Guest Column

While there is little awareness about trans-fat in our food intake, the country’s food regulation authority is abuzz about its impact. Read what the CEO of FSSAI talks about avoiding trans-fat-free food here.

Banking and Finance

Retail Direct Scheme: It is a one-stop solution to facilitate investment in government securities by individual investors. Read what details and documents are needed to opt for this scheme here.

Two-wheeler loan: Know what steps you need to follow along with the eligibility criteria, procedures and documents needed for availing of such loan.