June 2021


Comparative Testing

Instant Masala Noodles– How safe is your pack of noodles that draw your attention every time hunger or boredom hit you? Read our NABL tested report of top noodle brands to choose the number 1 brand.

Product Review

Window Type Air Conditioners: Go through this report to understand better before zeroing on your purchase decision.

Food and Stuff

Choosing and using your cooking oil right– How would you go about choosing the cooking oil? Will it be taste versus nutrition or its fortified trademark? Know how to choose it well.

Banking and Finance

Going about a bike insurance policy – It’s not safe if you’ve not insured your two-wheelers yet. Read our article on getting a bike insurance with some easy steps.

Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Policy – A comprehensive report to tell you what you need to do to secure yourself and family against Covid-19.

Legal Matters

Your 3D glasses won’t pay you money– The SC has mandated that movie theatres can’t charge you extra for showing 3D movies because it’s embedded in the ticket money.

Guest Post

Post-Covid recovery with Ayurveda – Taking utmost care while recovering from Covid-19 is equally important and it becomes more healthful with Ayurveda, writes Ashish Thakur, Business Head, Birla Ayurveda.