November 2021


Dairy Whitener: Eight dairy whitener brands have been tested on parameters including milk fat, added sugar, milk protein, microbiological and sensory panel tests among others to help you choose the best brand.

Product Review

Home air-purifiers: Come November and we become the victim of hazardous air pollution as it climbs its worst level during this time. Thankfully we have air purifiers to breathe better at home. So, what’s your choice of brand?

Food and Stuff

Health drink powders: How much truth is there in the tall claims of the health drink powders? Do they make our kids taller, sharper and stronger? Here’s a read if you want to know about it.

Special Feature

ASCI’s women portrayal guidelines: Over the years women have been shown in a very regressive manner in different advertisements. Thankfully change is coming in the form of new guidelines from the Advertising Council of India (ASCI).

Banking and Finance

Pre-approved loan: This read is for those who are looking to get all information related to this type of loan in one place.

Legal Matters

The onus of proof lies on the complainant

The Hon’ble Supreme Court directed a quality testing company at the port of loading to pay a fine for negligence and failure to submit the report at the port of destination.