October 2019


1) Comparative Product Testing
Find the oil that brings sunlight in your lives – Comparative study of top brands of sunflower oil
2) All about Food:-
How much fats and oils are there in your sandwich chocolate biscuits?
Biopreservatives – Are they good or bad for your food?
3) Product Survey:-
A survey of the top inverters in the market for you to make the right choice!
Home Loans and more
Thinking of home loans ? Think NBFCs.
Are HFcs beefing up the housing sector?
4) Industry Speaks:-
Consumer VOICE introduces a new section from this month, ‘Industry Speaks’ an exclusive interview with industry bigwigs. This month it is CEO of India and South Asia, Oyo Hotel and Homes, Aditya Ghosh.
5) Legal Desk:-
Read the latest ruling of the Delhi High Court which states that homebuyers can approach both NCDRC and RERA against errant builders.