April 2019


Curd (Dahi): Which one to go for?
As a couple of findings from our test results reveal that the important determinants of quality vary across brands.
2) Food & Stuff
Salty Biscuits: Is the salt too much?
A quick glance at the report will tell us that the salt in salty biscuits is high indeed. Yet, do you know the best one?
Know about the new food-packaging rule
The new rule says not to use newspapers to wrap jalebis or other foods. Are you aware of the adverse health effects of using newspapers?
3) Product Survey
Split Air Conditioners: Choose one that’s rated high in energy efficiency
If you are shopping for split air conditioners (ACs) this summer, be prepared to do a major short-listing exercise. This report will help you to make it possible easily.
4) Banking and Finance
Standalone Health Insurers: How far they can cover you?
Do standalone health-insurance companies give you better coverage? Do they do that by charging higher premium rates?
Calculate Your Income Tax for the AY 2020-21
There have been some important changes in the income-tax provisions relating to tax exemption for salaried individuals. Know the complete details here.
5) Legal Matters: Air Passenger Charter
Know how to deal with refund and delays issues while air-traveling.