April 2021



Rice Bran Oils: Choose the best oryzanol rich cooking oil that can keep your bad cholesterol in check while levelling up the good cholesterol.

Product Survey

Inverter Air Conditioner: Which brand stacks up well? Does it save energy and match well with other criteria too? Know which one to buy.

Legal Matters: Complaints those made under the 2019 Act, should be heard under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. Know the implications.

Guest Column

Top Consumer Trends: The CEO of Unicommerce, Kapil Makhija talked about the significant changes that have shaped the buying behaviour in the pandemic era.

Food & Stuff

HFSS Foods: Why lowering the amount of salt, sugar and fat content in your food items is absolutely essential to living a better life.

Personal Accident Insurance Plan: An umbrella policy to save you from the untimely downpour.

SIP: A disciplined saving scheme to meet any future need.