April 2022


Comparative Testing

Dishwashing Liquids: Check the report that tells you which brand of dishwashing liquid cleans the most efficiently.

Product Review

Inverter Air Conditioners: Inverter ACs or non-inverter ACs?  The struggle is real. Clear your confusion and read our report that shares why you should buy an inverter AC.

Food and Stuff

Inter-meal Munching:Is munching between meals healthy for us? How can it be beneficial to us? Read on to know more about it.

Guest Column

Food Fortification: Food fortification is of the utmost importance to reduce anaemia.  Suboptimal dietary intake is affecting individuals all over the world. Read what the CEO of FSSAI talks about food fortification here.

Consumers Rights Day: 15th March is celebrated as Consumers Rights Day all over the world. However, do our consumer courts treat us as kings? Read this special article by Bhamy V. Shenoy to know more about it. 

Banking and Finance

Life Insurance: People often make mistakes while buying life insurance. Let’s discuss here some common mistakes and how we can avoid it.

Cardiac Health Insurance: Know why cardiac health insurance is important, its features and the ways by which we can choose the best possible insurance, suitable to our needs.


Home Buyers Interests: A case where homebuyer’s interest is protected by making an arrangement to settle their disputes in a very short procedure before National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). Read on to know more about the case here.