December 2019


1) Comparative Test
Vanaspati Ghee – Is your common dalda ghee trans fat free? What is the level of trans fat present in your brand of vanaspati ghee?
2) Food Stuff
Instant Noodles -. Food labels of the top brands of instant noodles decoded to help you select the safest brand.
Food Lables – This December issue will educate consumers on the important logos to watch out for.
3) Product Survey
Water Purifier – With the market flooded with a variety of water purifiers, are you confused? Consumer VOICE gives you a comparative study of the top water purifiers in the market
4) Banking and Finance 
Personal Loan – Know the best NBFC to take a personal loan
Find out the difference between legal heir and nominee
Legal Matters 
Can a trust file a consumer complaint? 
 Can a trust file consumer complaint, the matter needs to be revisited: Supreme Court  
Consumer VOICE Initiative
Eliminating trans fat from Indian Foods