August 2022


Comparative Testing

Seasonings: Go through the report to find out the best brand of seasoning to enhance your food.

Product Review

Microwave Ovens (MWO):  Which type of microwave oven works best for your home and what is the best size and capacity for your needs? Read this comparative study on the most-selling brands and models of convection microwave ovens.

Food and Stuff

Chocolates: Chocolates are either critiqued to have negative impact on health or are portrayed by the marketers to have health benefits especially dark chocolates. Let’s find out the truth in this article about whether chocolates are good or bad for your health.

Guest Column

Eat Right Challenge: To Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has initiated the Eat Right India movement. The movement is based on three key themes, ‘if it’s not safe, it’s not food’ (safe food), ‘food should not only serve the palate but is also meant for body and mind’ (healthy diets) and ‘food has to be good both for people and the planet’ (sustainable diets). Read what the CEO of FSSAI talks about it here.

Multi Sourced Edible Oil (MSEO): The nutritional habits of people have undergone a radical change over the last few years. Studies have shown that the food we eat and the day-to-day routine choices we make is directly correlated with various lifestyle diseases. Therefore, careful selection of the food consumed and following recommendations set after careful investigations by organizations and governments are critical for our health.  Read on to know in detail.

Banking and Finance

Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP): Many companies give an opportunity to their employees, especially senior staff, to buy their shares under a special procedure. This process is called Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP). Under this process, the company in a way gives its employees the right to buy their shares.  Read on to understand in detail.

14 Investment Options for Your Child’s Better Future: Let’s talk about financial planning, by which you can achieve many goals for your children. To be honest, planning for your children’s financial future is not much different from long-term goals like buying a house or planning for retirement. Here we will tell you about this process. Let’s understand in detail.


SC affirms complaint should not be returned for misjoinder of parties: The Supreme Court while setting aside the order of National Commission in the matter of Brahmaputra Biochem Private Limited Versus New India Assurance Company & Anr said, “If the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) is of the opinion that the Surveyor was an unnecessary party or the pleadings are contradictory, it should have struck down the said party. Read on to know more about the case here.