September 2022


Comparative Testing

Detergent Powders-Top & Front Load: Go through the report to find out the best brand of detergent powders for your top and front load washing machines.

Product Review

Smart TV:  Read this buying guide to help you in making an informed decision while purchasing your new smart TV.  

Food and Stuff

Quality Eggs: In this article, we talk all about how to choose quality eggs, and have also listed some tips that could help in safe handling of eggs.

Guest Column

Eat Right Challenge: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has introduced a nation-wide programme called the ‘Eat Right Campus’ (ERC). Read what the CEO of FSSAI says about it here.

Plastic Ban: In a commendable move, India had banned the use of ‘single-use plastic’ from July 1, 2022. Read on to know in detail.

Banking and Finance

Mutual Fund- Liquid Fund: Read on to know what a liquid fund is and its workings.

Tips to take Home Loans at Affordable Rates: In this article, we are going to discuss measures by which you can take a home loan to build a house or buy a house at affordable rates. 


Jurisdiction of High court to hear appeal against National Commission Order under Article 227: Read on to know a detailed view of the case here.