July 2021


Comparative Testing

Instant Atta & Oats Noodles: Noodles are instant mood and hunger fixer. They are chosen over others for innumerable reasons. But seldom do we check their ingredients and nutrition level to know what to eat and what not. Read our report of Instant Atta & Oats Noodles if you care to check what’s inside your chosen brand of noodles.

Product Review

Water Purifier: They make us drink safe water. Every household these days has one or two water purifiers at home. We may call it problems of plenty. As choosing the one from the lot is obviously a bit tricky with the number of varieties and features available in the market. We assure, with our report you can come to know which is the best water purifier brand.

Food and Stuff

What does your food pack say: Food packs should give us information related to the content being used in preparation. We consumers should make it a habit of checking salt, sugar, and fat content among others in a food pack. But, hey, is there a smart way to do it right? Here’s a read for you.

Banking and Finance

Covid-19 personal loan: Personal loans are quite easy to avail when we compare them with other loan application procedures. Yet, there are certain dos and donts we should be knowing before going to one such process. You will find a few tips here in this article.

Saving schemes for senior citizens: Not all of us know about plenty of saving schemes that can help senior citizens to save big. Our experts have picked up those smart saving schemes and have discussed at length about the steps to follow to get on a suitable one.

Legal Matters

The new e-commerce regulations: We all were waiting eagerly for the changes in the e-commerce functioning. Here’s a read that tells you what are the changes that have been proposed lately and how these are instrumental in the better operation of the sector and beneficial for consumers alike.