July 2023


Comparative Testing

Packaged Paneer: Read this report to find out the best packaged paneer in the market.

Product Review

Home Water Purifier: A review to assist you in selecting the best water purifier for your home.

Food and Stuff 

Ghee: Examining the advantages and disadvantages of including ghee in our diets while uncovering its potential health benefits.

Banking and Finance

Tips to Increase the Chances of Avoiding Health Insurance Claims Rejection: In certain cases, insurance companies may reject claims, leaving you accountable for the complete expense of your treatment. Continue reading to discover ways to prevent this from happening.

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens: Prior to obtaining a health insurance policy for your elderly parents, it is essential to acquaint yourself with specific facets of health insurance. Read on to know in detail.


RERA: Emerging as a Powerful Law in Real Estate: Read on to know more in detail.