June 2022


Comparative Testing

Detergent Powders: Go through the report to find out the best detergent powder for your

Product Review
Window Air Conditioners:  What do you want? A window AC, a split AC model or latest
Inverter Type AC. Read this report and find out why window ACs are the best for you.

Food and Stuff
Right Cookware and Tableware for Your Home: Have you given a thought about the
utensils where your food is cooked, served, or stored? In this article, we will discuss
cookware and tableware made from different materials.

Guest Column
Eat Right India: Safe foods and healthy diets are critical in the context of India's rising
burden of food borne diseases, under-nutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies and non-
communicable diseases (NCDs) like hypertension, diabetes, heart related diseases, etc. Read
what the CEO of FSSAI talks about it here.

Banking and Finance
Term Insurance:  Term Insurance is not just an expense, it is a protection cover. Only 3.7
percent of the people in India have insurance, which means a large part of the population is
without insurance cover. Let’s discuss why term insurance is so necessary.
Gold Monetization Scheme: Gold is not only used as jewellery, but also as an investment.
Gold jewellery or coins are often kept in the house. You can earn money just by keeping gold
in the house. Banks provide this facility to you under the Gold Monetization Scheme. Read to
know everything in detail.

Choices for Homebuyers if Developers Fail to Give Possession: The Supreme Court, in the
recent case of Experion Developers Pvt. Ltd. Versus Sushma Ashok Shiroor, decided on 7th
April 2022 took a very liberal view in favour of home buyers who invested their hard earned
money in a developers’ project but did not get possession within the stipulated time. Read on
to know more about the case here.