March 2022


Comparative Testing

BLDC Ceiling Fans: Check the report that tells you which brand of BLDC ceiling fans are the most efficient!

Product Review

Front-loading Washing Machines:  Getting confused on which front-loading washing machine to buy? Want to know features and other paraphernalia before buying? If yes, then you probably need to read our report that shares the best front-loading washing machines in the market.

Food and Stuff

Vegan Meat: Is vegan meat healthy for us? Will it benefit our health and the environment? Read on to know more about vegan meat and its benefits.

Guest Column

Food testing is of the utmost importance if we want a sound healthcare system in the country. Food contamination is surging upwards and food testing is taken very seriously by the government to protect its citizens. Read what the CEO of FSSAI talks about the different schemes and methods of food testing here.

Banking and Finance

Tax Planning: Want to know how to save income tax? Read on to know 17 different ways by which you can plan your taxes and save money.

Health Insurance for Cancer: Know why cancer protection policy is important, and the ways by which we can choose the best possible health insurance policy for cancer.


Occupation Certificate: Delay in occupation certificate causes a lot of mayhem in a home owner’s mind. Read on to know more about a unique case decided by the Supreme Court which has given home buyers relief when occupation certificate is not provided on time by builders.

Revisional Jurisdiction: What is revisional jurisdiction? Read on to know more about it.