September 2020


Comparative Product Testing
Dishwash Liquid/Gel: Keeping dishes and utensils clean has always been of utmost importance for all Indian households. Consumer VOICE has tested seven dishwash liquid/gel brands to find the best for your home.
1) Bhujia: Understand the food labels of six bhujia brands to know how much salt and fat you are consuming.
2) Milk: Do you know the exact nutritional value of toned milk, double toned, skimmed or lactose-free milk. Richa Pande has summarised the important nutritional aspects of milk for your understanding.
Banking and Finance
1) Loan against property: Our banking and finance expert highlights some important tips on availing loan against property and how it is different from personal loans.
2) Saving Schemes for senior citizens: There are several schemes offered by the government for senior citizens, but unfortunately, we might not be aware of them. This article will help you to decide some useful savings for senior citizens.
Product Review
Semi automatic washing machines: What criteria you will look at to buy a semi automatic washing machine? Our evaluation report will help you identify the best buy.
What determines a pecuniary jurisdiction?
Pecuniary jurisdiction of Consumer Forums can be determined by the value of goods/services ‘PAID’ status as a single consideration and not by the condition of being ‘PURCHASED’ said The National Commission. Grab the September copy to read the latest legal update.
Guest Post
‘Preparing for retail recovery and revival post-Covid-19’ by Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Paris Beauty