May 2023


Comparative Testing

Table Butter: Read this report to choose the best table butter for your home.

Product Review

Double Door Refrigerators: A review to assist you in selecting the best double door refrigerator for your home.

Food and Stuff 

Saffron: Read more about saffron, its benefits, and some consumer tips to help you in your search for the perfect saffron in the market.

Banking and Finance

Household Insurance Policy: To protect your home from any kind of natural calamity, home insurance is a must. Continue reading to know more.

Insurance cover against Tsunami & Earthquake: insurance companies are yet to provide a tsunami policy and the only option for tsunami insurance is through coverage provided for natural calamities like flood, landslide, earthquake, volcanic movement, etc. Read on to know in detail.


Lack of statutory compliance by the builder: Not a justification for a delay in possession: Read on to know more in detail.


Rise and decline of the Consumer Movement in India: The consumer movement is an organised social movement that promotes consumer protection and is often led by consumer organisations. Read on to know more