November 2023


Food and Stuff 

Decoding Packaged Foods: Understanding the details on labels, ingredients, and nutrition facts can help make informed choices, leading to healthier lifestyles and a better understanding of the impact of food choices on our bodies and the environment.

Banking and Finance

2-Wheeler (bike) Insurance Policy: This article delves into the various aspects of 2-wheeler insurance policies in India, including their types, coverage options, benefits, and regulatory requirements. Continue reading to know more.

ELSS Mutual Funds: An Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a mutual fund scheme primarily focused on investments in equity and equity-related securities. In this article, we will provide an extensive examination of ELSS mutual funds.

Comprehensive Guide to Car Insurance: Frequently, individuals express concerns about whether their insurance will offer comprehensive protection in various scenarios. Continue reading this story to gain insight into car insurance coverage.


Earnest Money Forfeiture in Real Estate: This discussion will provide valuable insights into the legal framework that governs earnest money in the real estate sector. Read on to know more in detail.

Alert Consumers: Legal Queries and Responses: Our legal expert answers your legal queries and provides informed responses.

Health & Environment 

Banned Single-Use Plastic Products Still Flooding Indian Markets: A year after India’s single-use plastic ban, a study by Toxics Link in five major cities revealed continued widespread use and weak enforcement, raising doubts about pollution reduction efforts. Keep reading for an in-depth understanding.